Boot problems!

18 Jun 2005
Canterbury, UK
Argh, why is this happening to me!
Anyway, heres the story. I was happily playing Medieval 2, when the computer froze. I restarted the pc, and it wouldn't post. So I reset the CMOS, and then it booted. Gave a CMOS checksum error, I went into the BIOS and put in the correct settings. Then I restarted, it POSTed then instead of loading windows, it said something about the nVidia BIOS searching for a RAID array, when I don't have an array. At this point it doesn't get any further. I tried this a few times (read: all afternoon), a couple of times it got into windows but then it froze on me after a while.
The motherboard is a DFi LANPARTY nf4 Ultra-D (I think!). I have no idea what to do now, and the DFi forums are down so I can't ask them for help.
Fake edit: DFi now have some new forums so I'll ask on there as well. However, if you have any ideas I would be grateful!
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