Bouncing FTP access

19 Apr 2006
West Yorkshire
Ok here's the situation.

We have a remote web developer who is using a standard Pipex broadband connection and doesn't have static IP.

We have web server hosted by an external company. Access to this server via RDP and FTP are locked to our company's static IP.

How can we get our web developer access to this server without adding rules to the server to allow all of Pipex's IP range?

I have heard of something called bouncers, but dont know anything about them.

Cheers guys!
18 May 2006
"FTP bounce" used to be an attack on FTP servers
FTP Bounce
The FTP protocol (RFC 959) specified support for a "proxy" ftp, which allowed a connection to an FTP server to send data to anywhere on the internet

hence the option is useally turned off.
I guess you could run an FTP server and turn it back on.

I'd bet the web devs IP is fairly stable, or if it does vary, the block is small.
so you could still give access to it on the server. Access will still require a password...

setup remote access to a spare PC in the DMZ,
and allow that FTP access to the web host
(which is remarkably like the next post :p )

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