7 Oct 2012
Hi All,

Quick one, dont know if anyone can help with this one, got my new OC Extreme P170EM with the ATI HD 7970M 2GB in. Only had it a month and have been out the country so only just got round to installing all my software on it.

Recently started getting a BSOD which is referencing atikmpag.sys. Anyone got any ideas as to sorting this, is it a driver update to the new ones which sort out the enduro issue to fix it?

It is not just high performance graphics work that is causing the issue, as I first thought, with overheating etc... It has just done it on me while using Visual Studio 2010?

I am not running it inappropriately, it is sat on me, on a laptop cooler which is on a solid base to sort out air issues.

Really need this for a programming job I have got on and to RMA it will mean a big setback for the project and would like the money for xmas shopping so if it is a driver update then thats great, just dont want to do something like that and it not be the issue to find I make problem worse.

Cheers in advance for your help
1 Jul 2007
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I would try this:

1. Uninstall the ATI diver (should reboot)

2. Uninstall the HD 4000 driver (should reboot)

3. Re-install the chipset driver (should reboot)

4. Re-install the HD 4000 driver (should reboot)

5. Re-install the ATI driver (should reboot)

Cooling P170EM

See if that helps.


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