BT whole home mini problems...

31 Aug 2007
Hopefully someone can either help, or simply advise me to change the product!

I got BT whole home mini (4 discs) recently as I’d been having Wi-Fi black spot issues.

Set them all up fine, turning off Wi-Fi in the Sky hub, and hoped all would be good. Not exactly!

What I’ve noticed is that the coverage is poor to say the least. My 2nd disc is less than 25’ from the 1st, yet barely gets a ‘good’ connection. Same for the 3rd disc, and I simply have no coverage in the garden, let alone my garage which is about 12’ from my 4th disc (Ethernet back haul).

I’ve also noticed that devices seem to connect to discs much farther away, which I cannot get my head around!

Even more frustrating is the fact that I cannot walk around the house without (albeit small) dropouts, most noticeable on a FaceTime call. I’ve also had several incidents when my iPhone (XR) loses Wi-Fi connection completely and needs the WiFi turned off and on to work again.

Any suggestions, or should I just replace it? If so, any recommendations? Thanks
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