Buying 3G dongles *Sim Free* not from mainstream telecoms providers!!

1 Dec 2004
OK, story goes, we ship out Billion routers that we use for ADSL connections, and some customers opt for 3G backup. We started ordering t-mobile dongles and 3G SIM cards, now this was fine as we found a dongle that was on "billions" compatibility list. But the issue is, and we have had this since we started offering 3G a while ago, people like Vodafone, T-Mobile, Orange will constantly upgrade their 3G dongles to ones that has chip-sets which are not compatible with the Billion, and Billion are not releasing firmware fast enough to cope and make them compatible.

So basically we have two options as a company

A) Find a compatible one, and do a bulk order
B) Find a new source outside of the mainstream telecoms providers who provide these USB dongles (with the chipset we chose) and just order from them instead sim free.

Without naming any competitors, do you know where would be best to look? I have had a scout round ebay and google but problem with bay is they have some but the quantities are not large enough, and google results are few and far between for resellers that stock that stock one line of dongle without changing.
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