Cable/DSL router - WIRE is priority

18 Aug 2004
The Toilet
I was wondering about routers for myself and my flatmate, we'll probly have a few other people plugging in and are looking at also getting a router capable of wireless incase anyone brings laptops round and if we dont have enough wires, We want one easily configurable for bit torrent etc aswell, as sometimes I can be a heavy user, and we may also get a seperate little low spec PC with a lot of storage to just use for downloading/storing things.
We'v purchased a temp router, its pretty lame and im taking it back because we picked up a Linksys BEFW11S4 Wireless-B pretty damn cheap - I read a few reviews and already know howto use the linksys firmware from having a wire-only router of theirs at home. I know its B not G, but we dont use wireless, and B should be sufficient if anyone brings a laptop round for them to play LAN games with us..right?
Anyway, we'v got a pretty low budget, being students(altho we're open to suggestions aslong as they dont go too high, above £50 really. but anything lower than £40 is greatly appreciated)
OR would the linksys be ok? either way we'll be keeping it, Altho i do regret buying it now as i never realised it was B, not for the fact its B, for the fact its that old not to be G.. i could always go swap it with my one at home I guess if it doesnt perform well with our wire connections though...
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