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Cable routing the Raven rvz

Discussion in 'Small Form Factor and Single Board Computers' started by No_Saint, Aug 5, 2018.

  1. No_Saint


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    So I just finished stage 1 of my newest build, a silverstone raven 3 4K VR rig. Here’s the current specs, then I’ll get onto the cabling of doom:

    i7 8700k
    Asrock z370m ac (non gaming)
    250gb m2 Samsung evo 970
    2x8Gb vulcan Tforce 3200Mhz memory
    Phanteks ph-pc12ls cooler
    Evga gtx560ti Superclocked

    Cable management has been ok so far. The 24pin atx clashes with the heat pipes on the cooler, but I threaded the cables on the unbraided part of the cable. Other than that I doubled the cables back on themselves where possible to shorten them and crammed a lot in a small void at the end of the graphics card.

    Here comes my question! Phase 2 will add a 2.5 inch SSD and a 1070 Ti. The ssd power cable has 2 spare sata sockets and takes up loads of room. The 1070ti is full length and eats my cram space too. Ideas?

    Anyone got any routing tips for this case, or should I get 30cm cables where I can? The PCIe are waaaaay too long, 5cm is fine...the card ends next to the psu!! where can I get some made to order?

    Pics to come...
  2. Distracted

    Wise Guy

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    I know you didnt get any advice here, but if this is still happening I'd love to see the pics.
  3. Legion

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