Camra noob.

20 May 2006
I was woundering if I could get some help on taking pictures :(

I've got a digi cam, it's a Canon 4.0 mega pixel. The problem is, when I take pictures with it they always come out blury and... ewwy! :mad:

And there's far too many options on the camra, so I don't know if i've got it set-up wrong, or if it's just not a very good camra.

I could take a test pic if you want?

p.s. yeah I keep my hands extremely still when taking picture's, yet still they blur :\
18 Oct 2002
No one can keep their hands perfectly still; even the very smallest movement will cause blur
If you're indoors and photographing still life subjects then use a tripod or any other sturdy support. To avoid moving the camera when you press the shutter button put it in self timer mode.

If you're photographing people try and use as much soft light as you can - Direct flash light is very harsh so if you can bounce it off walls, ceilings or diffuse it through paper it will massively improve your photos :)
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