cant get install right for some reason?

18 Oct 2002
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Right, I am workign on sorting out my P4 instead of using it as a chair.

Its a Fujitsu based thingy. Asus P5GD1-FM Mobo and normally its got single sided Samsung RAM in it, but at this time, I am using 4x512MB OCZ Double sided stuff.

I dont know whether that can cause it, but the Samsung is in my main PC and I dont want to shut that down unless I have to.

Now, the original instalation DVD I havem is somewhere I dont know?


I have used a standard installation disk... Its Windows XP MCE by the way.

No warez talk!

Firstly, I have set the theme to classic and it does go, but when it restarts, it comes up with the XP Default all the time... I check *** theme in the CTRL-Panel and sure enough it still says classic... Its not.

No matter what theme I use, it still resorts to the XP Blue thing.

Now, the window buttons in *** menu bar are too small too, so even when I set it to the default blue, it still shrinks the icons on a restart?


No warez talk!

Once again, I re-installed to a fresh clean HD and once again, its still happening?

Ok, so what? - its only the visuals... Lets move on.

I have tried to install UT2K4. Its gone on just fine, but it keeps hanging.

The ATI Control Panel has brought up the DW20.EXE thingy... This started to happen a while back on my other PCs but has not come up for a fair while now... This has started to do it now?
Also, linked to that, every time I try to quit a program / game or whatever, one of the CLI.EXE's crash. These are the ATI CLI.EXEs by the way.

I have tried a number of different ATI drivers now, and its not going away.

The very same drivers on an AMD dont happen.

The card I am using in the P4 is at this time, an X1600

Anyone have any suggestions?

Whether the themes and the control panel arel inked I dont know, and whether its the RAM I also dont know?
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