cant uninstall ....

12 Nov 2006
Hi ,Well yesterday i got home late and friend of mine been using my pc during the day ,what he done is ,he downloaded some kinda cheep stupid spayware by mistake,the thing is i could not delete it or uninstall it , eaven though i uninstaled it from Add/remove programms ,it still was on my desktop running and didnt let me use internet and stuff, so what i did is i restored my sistem, and everything was fine,but there was 2 programms which i deleted last night just before restoring my sistem, and now what i see of course they are back(no probs with that,thats how it should be) ,the problem is ,now when i try to uniinstall 1 of the programms it say's the programm does not exist,and when i try to uninstal second one its just ignors it ,it lights the programm and thats all nothing happens! So i was wondering if there is any good programm to help me to get rid of stuff i cant uninstall? Or any ideas?

cheers vai
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