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CARPETS: wool vs. polypropylene vs. ?

Discussion in 'Home and Garden' started by Participant, Jun 19, 2019.

  1. Participant


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    Hi all

    We're getting some new carpets on the stairs, landing, and a few bedrooms.

    The shops have so far resoundingly recommended polypropylene over wool, on the basis that we have kids and they're easier to clean, last longer, and generally feel softer. Underlay will be Cloud 9 Cirrus and Cumulus.

    I was hoping to canvas OcUK views on this. Assuming equal prices, are there any advantages to wool carpets over man-made materials, aside from the fuzzy feeling of using something 'renewable' with sheep hair in it?

  2. thezappa


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    I remember when we were looking at carpets one thing we were told and I have witnessed to an extent in new builds that have (admittedly cheaper) poly carpets is the sheen that you get. Could have been me subconsciously telling myself there was a sheen but might be worth thinking about.
    Could also try sisal carpets. A client at work has them specified for a couple of renovations.
    I’ve only seen a hemp alternative so couldn’t comment on this material but the hemp was surprisingly nice.

  3. fish


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    Wool also has the drawbacks of the possibility of carpet moths. Had wool carpets in the past, never again. You can get some very nice polyproylene thick piled carpet which have the same or better foot feel than wool, although they are expensive.
  4. fastwunz


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    I was always told that wool carpets were better than the man made alternatives......
  5. D.P.


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    Checks the year,:confused:
  6. Countcussy

    Wise Guy

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    We had wool fitted in our new build. Developer error but that's another story.
    After 5 and a half years, the well trafficked areas are looking a little tired. But the biggest problem I have is the shedding. Even after all this time and many, many vacuums, it still sheds to the point that the
    vacuum just fills with wool. It could be that we just got a poor carpet, but to be fair, its stood up to everything we have thrown at it, and its certainly not threadbare.
    At a previous property, we had a "stain free" polyprop carpet. It was great. Really soft, piece of cake to clean, and always looked great after a vacuum.
    You will get "footprints" though depending on pile length and well trafficked areas can go really flat, again depending on pile length. Some can give a bit of a sheen.
    The "flat" areas can be perked up with steam.
  7. Wizzfizz


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    Good choice on the underlay, we have it in the livingroom.
  8. Beta


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    As with most things in life, it's a personal preference. I have wool carpets in every room, and have not experienced shedding or problems with moths. I prefer the feeling of wool carpets, and typically they have better tog ratings than polypropylene and as I have an old house then this is important to me. We have loop rather than pile carpets which may explain the lack of shedding, and they are treated to prevent moth issues for a period of 10 years. Only 5 years in so who knows if it will last that long but....
  9. Blackjack Davy


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    I woludn't use wool you're risking clothes moth and theres another thread about that here. Had to help clean out a flat once that was infested with clothes moth and the buggers were everywhere but especially in the carpets had to rip the whole lot out and get professional fumigation or whatever they use services in.

    I remember my nan had polypropylene carpets in her place and the static build up was literally shocking that was a good many years ago now though I expect things are better now... I imagine.
  10. jpaul


    Joined: Mar 1, 2010

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    best of both worlds with a wool rich... have yet to experience a 100%(?) poly that feels nice beneath bare feet.
    that's what good stuff is made of eg https://wiltondesignhub.com/index.html?s=10&catid=7716,7717&catname=Kingston

    BTW do they always extend the length on the stairs so that you can shift it after several years if needed.

    you're alluding to wooden floors ? hasn't that receeded a bit,
    if you're barefoot people, or like lounging on the floor, you need some covering
  11. Participant


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    Thanks for the thoughts all. We've decided to go for 50oz Cormar wool carpets as Of Participant said the PP ones looked a bit shiny, too flecked, and showed footprints too much.

    Shrug. So wool it is.

    On the wooden floors, don't like them much for living spaces personally.