Cheap AMD card for Linux?

18 Oct 2012
Code Calamity used VMAF to measure the image quality differentiation between AMF, NVENC and Intel QuickSync, with Big Buck Bunny as the reference video. In this benchmark, the highest possible score 100 is points. For reference, NVENC scores 96.13 points, and Intel QuickSync scored 96.37 in this test. According to Code Calamity, AMD's AMF encoder is just half a point behind both those encoders, where as before (without B-Frames), AMD's AMF was a full two points behind.

I'd say that's probably good enough now and been like that for over a year since the 6000 series dropped so I don't really see that being an issue at all. The picture quality really isn't any better on NVENC since 6000 series. Prior to that yeah sure but it has changed.

Assuming the only thing as noted here the streaming service you use has support. Otherwise it is just as good.

P.s yes we swear way too often to share normally cause @humbug is having a meltdown or a Humbigism as it's generally known around here.
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3 Sep 2015
My choice was 5700xt (used for £160 on ebay). And it's really all just worked out incredibly fine here. No issues with the hardware, no issue with the actual open source driver support. So long as it... loads the driver. Since for (not known reasons) it kept blacklisting / disabling the amd driver after system updates here. But that's more of a distro specific issue.

If you did not want the 5700xt, well that's really the cheapest budget card I would recommend. So anything else would be more expensive and newer generation.

And given that the 5700xt has 8gbs of vram, you would want any more expensive card to have more vram than only 8gbs. For example 6700xt (or higher).
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