cheap build for garage stuff

4 Jul 2013
Hi all, so i've got a mini pc that I use to take online piano lessons - which are great during lockdown.

I also play a bit of darts and want to do some online games. I think the practicality of running loads of cables into the tiny pc would be a challenge so thinking of a second unit. Meaning one for the piano stuff (which has a USB monitor, HDMI into the TV, USB mic, USB webcam x 2) and one for Darts stuff which will have the same USB monitor (i'll just move it as required) and 2 USB webcams

I was thinking of

something like a Dell Optiplex, 3rd gen I5, 8gb RAM with 500gb HDD, in desktop form factor, then getting a 2GB MSI GT710 to give it a bit more meat. This would be a total of about £150.

I mean I don't mind my little mini PC but it doesn't seem to like a decent res on any monitor i've connected to it so I think any GPU would help, which means a larger form factor.

any other suggestions? I mean long term I might be able to run all the cables into a single PC which would be great but for now I can't see a better option than having 2.
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