Cheapy, cheap, cheap build!

4 Jan 2012
Sevenoaks, Kent
So, i have had a couple parts fall into my lap at work that no one wants/needs ... what better to do than build a computer out of it?!

So far things that will be going into that i didnt pay a penny for will be!

- P7P55D-E
- Old pooey 250gb HDD
- 2 6850's in CF once i get my 7970 (this week)

Which leaves me to buy an old 1156 chip some RAM, case and a PSU.

Already seen an i3 going elsewhere for 50 notes, so ill buy some RAM and a case aswell for tops an extra 100 odd quid and there we go, should have a nice little machine for the sake of 150 quid ;p ... ill make sure i make it tidy and pretty.
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