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Choices for cards

18 Sep 2009
Hey so I'm new here [Hi <- waves] been a light weight PC enthusiast for a while. I build a Pc cosisting of Asus P5b3k delux mother board with a intel duel core duo processor cooled by a tuniq tower in an antec 900 case [love that case] power by an enermax liberty 600 w PSU my graphics card was an Nvidia GTX BFR tech 8800 which lasted me well [3 years i think, though I'm bad with time] It recently decided to overheat and break :/ So I decided to upgrade, got myself a bfr tech ocx 275, installed the latest drivers coz with version 7-8 the blasted thing kept freezing with only the currently used weapon not doing black [weird right?] so i got the new .9 drivers... guess what? I bloody melted, I'm sending it back currently, but I'm now looking at the 285 series frankly i dont trust buying another 275 series having seen how bad they get and how fast.

So basically the 275 is out the window anything that overhewats with only mild overclocking and 5 fans blowing on it is a waste of time so which of the 285 series do you guys consider as worth looking at?
So far I'm looking at the gainward GTX Geforce 285 seriously as it comes with 2 built on fans [after my experiance with overheating this seems more important than b4]
I did look at the asus 285 but for an extra £30 over the OC value 285 with exatly the same stats and same basic funtion I cant see the reason to waste to extra £30
Of course i also looked at the gigabyte gtx 285 but basically for £300 and with only a double memeroy boost and little else to show for the dosh I dont see its value, further [even though it wouldnt normally bother me] not being able to see the memory bandwith on a card whos solo trick is memory i really dont want to find its worth when its weighing in at 300 squids.
the bfg cards are as usual overclocked to the max with minimal differances between the OCFU and OCX ill honestly say i dont know enough about cards to know what the differance is between them, but i probably wont consider a bfg again sinc emy last 2 both overheated.

This brings me back to the gainward with is mid price for class and has 2 fans with 4 heat pipes though it appears to have recieved no overcloakcing. in a way this is a good thing as it doesnt seem like its likely to burn out.

Basically I very much would like to have you guys opinions on which is the better in your veiw and why. thanks for taking the time to read my long @rse posting.

Ps. sorry fore speeling im dyslexicc

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