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27 Sep 2005
London innit
Hopefully this will be of use to someone. I built up a rig, mainly for my wife (I use my laptop / console mostly these days). As she uses it all the time, it was kind of thrown together at default settings and it turned out it was rebooting all the time. I took it away this weekend, stripped it down completely and tidied all the cables up. It was still rebooting under failsafe settings.


Gigabyte UD5, i7 920, 12GB Patriot 1600, Corsair H50.

Cycle #1:
Get the Patriot running at 8/8/8/24 with 6GB at stock. Upped RAM to 1.64, CPU to 1.3 and VPI PCC to 1.3. Real Temp Sensor test peaked at 69C

Cycle #2:
Added other RAM. QPI to 36. SPD to 8. BCLK to 150. Uncore to 16.
Peak CPU 73C.

Cycle #3
BCLK: 160, CPU 75C

Cycle #4
BCLK: 170. Started tracking CPU Volts.
1.216V, 76C

Cycle #5
BCLK 180, VCORE 1.216V, 77C. Occasional POST fail

Cycle #6
BCLK: 190, VCORE 1.216V, 80C

Cycle #7
BCLK: 200, Windows Bluescreens

Cycle #8:
QPI/VTT +1.340V, TRAS 27, DRAM to 1.66V

Cycle #9:
BCLK: 180 78C (POST still fails sometimes)

Cycle #10:
BCLK: 175
CPU down too 1.281V, 75C, 1.2V measured VCORE

Cycle #11:
Step through RAM timings, one by one. Go from 8/8/8/24/2T to 7/7/7/20/1T

Cycle #12:
CPU volts to 1.268V
Temps 75C, VCORE: 1.184V

Cycle #13:
CPU volts to 1.256V
Temps 73C, VCORE 1.168V

Cycle #14:
CPU volts to 1.243V
Temps 72C, VCORE 1.168V

Cycle #15:
CPU volts yo 1.225
Temps 71C, VCORE 1.152V

Cycle #16:
CPU volts to 1.2V
Temps: 70C, VCORE 1.128V

Cycle #17:

Cycle #[email protected]

This is where I called it quits, the system went from crashing underclocked at 2.0GHz to stable enough to run 50 rounds of BurnTest and following it up with 2 hours of Prime95 @ 3.5GHz
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