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CoH/CoV Test event

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by Kabaala, 24 May 2006.

  1. Kabaala


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    Not sure if there's anyone here interested in this but as of 5pm today up until friday on the CoH/CoV test server any toon you make will be granted the experience/influence to level up to 40 to test out the new PvP zone.

    So if you've recently given this game a go and are unsure about it but still have an active account now is the time to try out some of those heroes and villains at high level.

    No flames please, this thread isn't for promoting or slagging the game just. It's just a bit of info for those dithering about whether they like the game or not and to give them a chance to help make up their minds.

    Please note this event is being held on the Test Server. If you don't already have it set up follow the instructions provided here : Test Server Instructions

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