Colour banding

7 Jun 2011
I just "upgraded" to an LG 24GL600F for 144hz and FreeSync and I'm noticing terrible colour banding everywhere. Every single pattern I make using this: shows banding, looking up at the sky in games shows banding, and Youtube and other videos show banding. I know videos aren't best example because of compression, but the monitor does seem to be making things worse than it already would be. I've played around with every setting my monitor has and Windows and NVIDIA colour settings with no change.

I've used an eye dropper tool to analyse the RGB values of these images, and there does seem to be small changes in values that the actual screen output doesn't reflect. I know I've bought a lower priced monitor, but I thought being able to show colours would be a basic function of a monitor in 2020, and in trying to Google the problem I've seen plenty of results from people complaining about the same thing on higher priced monitors with IPS panels. What exactly is the problem here and what should I be looking for to avoid it in the future?
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