Compaq Ipaq 3970.... Wireless

20 Nov 2008
Hey Guys N Galls,

Basically i bought a Compaq Ipaq 3970 off ebay for dert cheap money and when i bought it i asked the seller if it could be used for wireless. he said yes it can but only if you buy the accessory that makes it. so fair deal i bought it and then started looking but then found an alternative device anyway.

now i want to know how to make it wireless as i have found a couple of uses for it again.

i have breifly read that i could use the SD card slot as a wireless port if i i get the right card etc.
has anybody had any experience with these?

also does anybody have any other suggestions as to how to make this possible

any help greatly appreciated

18 Oct 2002
South Manchester
It's beens while since I saw one of those. I used to use one for Sat Nav a few years ago.

I think Sandisk did an SDIO card. The other option was a supported PCMCIA (not cardbus) card in the expansion jacket - I seem to recall that the CISCO Aironet cards worked the best.

Suspect you'll struggle to get any security above WEP however.