Computer falling over

31 Dec 2005
Always on the M1.....
Now I've been buiding PCs for a few years and can get to the bottom of most problems, but I'm getting a bit stumped here.

Currently have an E6600, EVGA 680i and 2GB OCZ 1066 memory bought in April coupled to a pair of Spinpoints about 2 years old and a Seagate HDD and Western Digital HDD about 3 years old. These are all powered by a Thermaltake 750W power supply bought 3 weeks ago. The graphics card is a 3 week old EVGA 8800GTS 640.

For the last few weeks, I've been having problems with initially the screen flicking, pausing and graphical artifacts in games. Then it started with BSODs and then it would randomly not POST properly, falling over at various places in the Boot, but sometimes booting all the way, working fine for hours then randomly crashing. This became more and more frequent.

I spoke to BFG who made my original 7800GT and they said it was probably the graphics card and they replaced that (in the meantime I upgraded :D). Still had problems with the PC so thought perhaps the power supply (Seasonic S12 600W) was kaput, so replaced that. No change. Then spoke to EVGA who said the mobo was probably knackered, so they replaced that.

The memory works fine in Memtest. The HDDs seem to be fine, no strange noises etc. Temps are low, the system is not overclocked now (only got as far as 3.3GHz for a day then stopped to have a go another day).

Now still have the random reboots, fail to POST, then work fine. And when I do finally get into XP, it sometimes is like it's running through treacle, painfully, painfully, slow at doing anything. Watching video is a no no. I have no processes using more than 2-3% of system resources when this happens. Play a video and the usage goes to 30-40% but even so it pretty much grinds to a halt.

I'm assuming it isn't the OS cos it often doesn't POST (unless I've got more than one problem) and I seem to have replaced/RMAed the other components, which were new anyway. The only thing I haven't replaced is the CPU or the HDDs or the sound card. Could they be the cause of the problem?

It's driving me nuts and really curtailing my productivity! Any suggestions would be gratefully received...
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