Confrontation Party RPG

3 Oct 2009
North Wales
Couldn't find a thread for this, sue me if there is one.

Played a bit of this game, would like to just say I wouldn't pay full price but it might be a good game to get in a sale.

Its not a terrible game, the graphics are bad (graphics similar to guild wars 1 but not as good)...its just lacking production values. The main problem is its a game that needs to be played in multiplayer and theres noone online as I type this.

I should have done some research, I thought it was a third person rpg ala lord of the rings war in the north, its not you play from a isometric view...its similar to baldurs gate dark alliance in that respect.

I'd advise you to watch some gameplay videos before buying as the promotional screenshots and videos convinced me it was a great looking game...its very different to how its presented.

I have no knowledge of what Confrontation is, I beleive its a board game...well the story went over my head but its basic good guys v bad guys stuff. Something about scorpion kingdom or something like that.

Please, wait for this game in a half price sale if youre thinking of buying, its not worth the full asking price its a "rough around the edges" game. The install was 2.5gb which should give you a idea how rough it is.
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