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31 Oct 2002
I have an Asus A8R32-MVP Deluxe and am confused about what drivers etc I need for it. Just about to do a complete clean rebuild of the PC and want to get them right.

This is the driver page.

I have audio and LAN disabled in BIOS as I use an audio card and wireless LAN so don't need those drivers.

The latest BIOS is 0602 so will update that.

I don't run a RAID setup, but under the RAID section there is this...

32bit SATA -Silicon Image SiI 3132 Serial ATA Driver V1.0.0.9 for XP/2K/2003.

Do I need this to ensure my SATA drives run properly?

When I insert the disc that came with the mobo, it recommends installing a SATA driver, and also something called Quiet and Cool - anyone know what this is, and do I need it?

Finally, do I need to install anything for my CPU - it's an AMD 4800+ X2 - I saw somewhere there was a dual core driver or something but can't find anything on the AMD site.

Thanks! :confused:
28 Jan 2005
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Do you use the Silicon Image sata controller as a disc controller ? You don't mention raid so i'm guessing you don't have a raid setup.

Do not install Cool and Quiet and disable it in the bios, it throttles the cpu back if the pc is not requiring full power, so if you are not gaming it will run slower. Good for a laptop but for the home user that games, no use.

When I reinstalled i put in AMD's dual core driver, nothing else for the X2, forget MS driver patch, its similair to the AMD one.
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