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Convert curl script to Powershell

Discussion in 'HTML, Graphics & Programming' started by Misan, Oct 29, 2018.

  1. Misan


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    Location: Manchester

    Hi guys - I've got a curl script I'd like to create an equivalent PS script for Windows machines.

    curl -b "dns_cookie=XXXXXXXXXX" -d "type=TXT" -d "subdomain=_acme-challenge" -d "domain_id=0000" -d "data_id=0000" -d "address=%22some_text%22" https://freedns.afraid.org/subdomain/save.php?step=2
    I'm looking to do dns-01 challenges automatically by scripting the TXT record creation with my DNS provider.

    Hopefully someone with better knowledge of PS can help.

    Many thanks
  2. howler

    Wise Guy

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    you can get curl on windows so just run it in a batch / powershell


    if you want the output in a file just add "> C:\temp\filename.txt"
  3. Misan


    Joined: Nov 17, 2006

    Posts: 121

    Location: Manchester

    Many thanks for the reply. I’ve installed curl - however when testing my script in it just seems to pull down the content of the Freedns page and my TXT record is not created.

    Clearly there is something amiss in my syntax - I’ve inputted the dns_cookie correctly and my data_id is set correctly for the subdomain in question.

    Here’s the FAQ on the freedns site for reference.


    Any ideas?
  4. Dj_Jestar


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    Invoke-WebRequest -Method POST -Body @{ dns_cookie='XXXXXXXXXX'; type='TXT'; subdomain='_acme-challenge'; domain_id='0000'; address='%22some_text%22' } -Uri https://freedns.afraid.org/subdomain/save.php?step=2