Cooler advice please

22 Jan 2021
Ok so I built my own desktop pc a couple of years ago and i am starting to play with video rendering and effects ... I think what I have is fine with what I want to do , however I am still on the stock cooler for the cpu ........
so a little advice please..... to replace the stock cooler, noise is a consideration,
so air or water cooled and which cooler to go for is my question . Thanks in advance
I am running windows 7 professional
SSD hard drive
AMD FX-8320e
AS Rock 960GC-GS FX Motherboard
16 GB ram SDR 2 from memory
MSi GTX 1050Ti graphics

Thanks in advance
3 Feb 2009
If you just want a better performance cooler then there's no need to go to water unless you want to (or you're OC'ing hard). You could get a high end air cooler and never really worry about temps at stock voltages/clocks.

Ultimately, unless you're getting boost throttling on your chip there's not even a huge amount of need to go to a better cooling solution unless you're looking for improvements in something specific like accoustics.
Something like would serve the purpose (and is in stock) if you want a change but not really necessary.

Now if you want to watercool because it's just plain awesome then that's an entirely different question :)
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