Coolermaster CPU Fan

27 Jan 2005
Letchworth Herts uk
good temps

mishima said:
Looks good from that review, what temps are you getting?
I got the same temps as my friends Artic Freezer 7 and it was a lot quieter ,i,d say that it is a better Cooler ,and its easy to install,plus its smaller ,and doesn,t get in the way of anything,plus it has a guard that pushes air onto the boards components which is a clever touch ;)
27 Oct 2005
I have a Coolermaster Hyper TX on my E6600 on a Badaxe2 mobo and I'm very pleased with its performance and near silence. My CPU temp at this moment 33c. On my previous AMD system I had the Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro. I prefer the Coolermaster for its design, perfrmane and unobtrusiveness.

When I first installed Hyper TX the temps ranged between 44c at Idle to 54c under load. The fan would stay off until the CPU reached 50c and then would run at half speed until the temp dropped to 43c. The TX has a four pin power socket so that it can be controlled by the motherboard. I was able through the Intel Desktup Control Center to lower the CPU temperature threshold to 30c. This resulted in the fan starting at that lower temperature. At these setting my TX fan comes on and stays on and I never exceed 46c under load.
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