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Corrupt System Files

Discussion in 'Windows & Other Software' started by PraxxtorCruel, Mar 19, 2017.

  1. PraxxtorCruel

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    Ive posted a few times before about my issues with my MBR mysteriously getting wiped resulting in the computer telling me I have zero installations and that it seems to happen on a regular basis. Now I've reset the laptop 10+ times but this keeps reoccuring relatively quickly, give it just a few days. I cant help but feel there is some kind of link because it seems shortly after i get numerous window updates installed the problems start. I cant guarantee this is the case though. Perhaps my backup windows which is in the hard drive is corrupt? I ran sfc /scannow which resulted in it finding corrupt files at 38% completion and stopped there. It couldn't replace them.

    I proceeded to view the cbs.log but it contains so much data and I am well out of my league to understand all of it.

    I have no windows 8 recovery disks just the manufacturer fitted recovery media which unfortunately doesn't eradicate the issue.

    DISM command failed.

    The symptoms the computer is experiencing are constant crashes, excessive hard disk usage (100%) at idle and acting very very slow.

    What options do I have left?

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  2. SimBoy


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    I'm guessing you have a good number of bad sectors on your hard drive - the symptoms are typical of what you describe.

    I would suggest installing Hard Disk Sentinel (you can use the trial version for what you require) - this will confirm the state of your drive, and I suspect it's failing.

    You can very easily clone the drive with AOMEI Backupper (standard version is free) - you simply install and a with couple of clicks it clones the drive to a new hard drive whilst windows is operating - when done turn off and swap drives over, reboot and you're back up and running with your new drive - very simple.

    I recently had this same problem and now I have 100% healthy OS drive running everything with no lock-ups and weird things happening anymore.

    Best to get hold of an external hard drive enclosure/adapter so you can connect an internal HHD to your USB connection for your laptop - it's what I use anyway for my desktop as it saves messing around inside the case.

    Hope this helps
  3. jpaul


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    you could have referenced some of your earlier posts for more background ;)

    can't you get a windows 8 iso and do a fresh installon on a new hdd carrying across existing oem license, rather than continue with problematic
    recovery mechanisms.

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