corsair 1000 watt n coolermaster 932

20 May 2009
just got my 1000 watt psu and installing as we type, but for some reason the drill holes, and position of the socket on the back of the PSU only allows me to install it UPSIDE DOWN, with the fan facing towards my desk. this is really counter intuitive and i thought i had had it covered in another post but now its come back to haunt me.,

i can put the psu up above, with the fan facing towards the innards of the case, but its really close to my cpu cooler?

what should i do?
12 Feb 2009
If I've got your description correct, the case is the Coolermaster HAF 932 and the fan on the bottom of the PSU is facing down towards your desk, that is the CORRECT position.

The gap below the PSU is there on purpose to let air flow into the PSU, it's not a design error. :)

Pic example showing correct installation.


Ignore the fools that say not enough air gets in, they are talking BS.
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