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Corsair value DDR2

Discussion in 'Memory' started by Pee For, 8 May 2006.

  1. Pee For


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    I've just been playing with this and I'm quite impressed.

    Corsair 1GB DDR2 Value Select PC5300 Dual Channel Kit (2x512MB) (VS1GBKIT667D2) (MY-083-CS)

    Price: £59.95 (£70.44 Including VAT at 17.5%)

    This will do 400mhz 5-4-4-12 @2.0V
    SPD is set at 333mhz 5-5-5-15
    So on a std 200mhz FSB you can run 2:1 400MHZ
    More volts make it unstable but I think that's pretty good for value ram.

    Add this to a 805D and you've a cheap powerful system