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CPU advice please

5 Apr 2010
Thelwall, Warrington
Hi all,
I have had a bit of a water leak from the motherboard water block on my z270x gaming 9.
It hasn't damaged anything but there is very little airflow around the CPU area in my setup and with the PLX chip it gets very hot 90+ C which I believe is within its spec but I don't like things getting that hot.
My usage is 60-70% gaming 20-30% browsing and office type stuff and 10-20% CAD in SOLIDWORKS or Creo with a bit of work in Cura for 3D printing.
I use a 3440x1440 144hz ultra wide and currently have a Vega 64 which I plan to change to a 6800xt or maybe a 3080 (I normally use AMD GPU's) in April when the supply might have recovered a bit.

I have been looking at the options which as I see it are,
10850k and an Z490 Aorus master which is really above my budget but I need a lot of USB ports so the higher end motherboard is needed.
10700k with the same motherboard.
5800x with probably the X570 Aorus master but I would prefer the Crosshair hero it's just a bit too expensive
5600X with the same motherboard as above.
The issue I have is availability of the processors.
I have got a X570 Aorus master and a 3600xt here (the processor was intended to be in there until I can get a 5600X or 5800X)

I keep my systems for around 5 years and I am after something that will age well.

What are your thoughts?

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