cpu/memory settings after power surge

24 Sep 2003
East London
Cut the long story short, i had a power surge, after which my pc would not come on, i.e. no power.
managed to sort that out, in that it now turns on and back to normal, except for the fact that after a few hours my PC now locks up, and doesnt respond to any keystrokes or anything. i am forced to reboot.
i just wanted to double check what settings i should have set for my CPU/Memory in bios in terms of clock speeds etc.

its been such a long time i last looked at this, i cant remember what settings should be for everything.
i have
a gigabyte p35c-ds3r
c2d e6850- 3ghz
geil 2gb -800mhz
any advice much appreciated.

should have added, not looking to overclock, just to get everything running stock
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