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CPU only projects

Discussion in 'Team OcUK Distributed Computing Projects' started by drakioned, Dec 7, 2015.

  1. drakioned

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    Location: London

    Are there any CPU only projects that OcUK is particularly active on?
  2. BaBa


    Joined: Jul 11, 2010

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    Not many cpu only projects any more.

    CPDN - my favourite but not for the faint hearted as you get few points and the WU's take weeks but we are world top 20 and current UK No.2.

    SkynetPOGS - we had some fun with this one last year again we are world top 20 and current UK N0.1 I think.

    Rosetta - Seems to have fallen out of favour we are 69th in the world I think.

    Cant think of any others off the top of my head.
  3. picnic

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    Wasn't DENIS CPU only or did I miss a trick there?
  4. PDW

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    Depends what you mean by active ?

    If it's the projects with a large number of our team working on at the same time then they tend to be the ones that get promoted here when we have signed up to a team challenge or in the case of Einstein when someone says 'Oi, let's do this' !

    Best guess at the cpu only project most worked on all the time by our team would be World Community Grid (WCG).

    There are several stats pages but I use the Free-DC ones.
    Here is the OcUK team page: http://stats.free-dc.org/stats.php?page=teambycpid&team=OcUK+-+Overclockers+UK&sort=score#
    It lists all our Boinc projects but we also participate in some non-Boinc projects but you need to click on the + next to 'Nonboinc projects' (top left of page) to get the list of projects and then find us within those stats.

    For the Boinc projects you can click on the text in blue on the page.
    1) For example you can click on the number of users to list the current and past members.
    2) You can click on a project's score and it will take you to that project's page for our team so you can see how many have/are contributing.
    3) You can click on the end column 'Project Rank' to sort our projects into where we rank in the world, from 1st to 543rd. Currently WCG ranks as our 15th highest scoring Boinc project but is 99th out of the 101 Boinc projects we have contributed to with regards to team ranking. Some projects, like WCG, are very popular and have lots of teams and lots of competition, others less so.

    Note that the list does not indicate which are active and which have long since stopped.

    To know if a project is cpu only you need to visit the project's application page where it will tell you what applications it has and will therefore indicate if it runs on gpus as well.

    This page lists our current position in The Vault:
    It also shows which are: Boinc projects, and run on CPU, AMD, and/or nVidia.
    So it shows DENIS is Boinc and also runs on cpu (but there are no AMD or nVidia icons).
    It does not show if they have Windows, linux, Mac versions though.
    So this list can be used for some of the current projects to see if they are cpu only.

    If you have a preference for biological/medical, mathematical, space, physics and Hadron Colliders and want guidance let me know and I'll try and point you in the right direction(s) :)
  5. drakioned

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    Joined: Dec 11, 2008

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    I was thinking active as in having something of an active community on here with monthly updates and/or something similar.
  6. ozaudio


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    ive been running malaria control , don't get a lot of points but at least its towards something. it if was gpu aswell I would be using a gtx680 on it but its not so 4 cpu cores only from me.
  7. andy_taximan

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    You might as well join in on the Einstein@home fun until theres a new competition sorted, prob after xmas now