CPU Voltage Problem??

4 Feb 2007
New to all this.......

I'm running:

a 3700 Sandiago
Asus A8V Deluxe
2GB OCUK 3200 value
Antec True Blue 480W

Had real difficultity (inc corrupt of HDD!!) in getting it to go over 2367mhz (215x11) On the bios i have the cpu volts set at 1.475. Just noticed on both cpuz (1.39) and core temp (beta 0.94) that the volts is saying 1.225v??

Whats going on??

Is it a bios problem (1017)?

Edit:- Lowered the volt setting on the bios by .25 and the results on both CPUZ and Core Temp lowered by the same. Thinking of setting the bios to 1.75 to see if it gets the others up. Don't really want to cook the chip though. Any ideas to how i can find out which is the true voltage??
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