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Daily mail completely fabricates whole story.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RomanNose, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. RomanNose


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  2. antijoke


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  3. NathanE


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  4. Edrof


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    I'm shocked that you are accusing a reputable and popular newspaper of not fully researching its articles. The DM is staffed by consummate professionals and I for one am sure that they would never let anything of low quality make it to print.
  5. [DOD]Asprilla


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    Mailwatch complain on a regular basis about Richard Littlejohn making stuff up. The PCC's response is always 'Yes the article is a complete tissue of lies, but reads of the column should understand that some total BS may be required in order to generate discussion on the subject'.

    So there you go, the PCC says it's OK to lie so why not just make up whole stories.

    Yesterday the Mail carried an opinion piece by Liz Jones calling for the banning of teaching sport in schools as no-one used it in their adult lives, no-one really enjoyed it and it excluded those who were not very good.

    It's a little bundle of insanity in one easy to digest daily publication.
  6. j0s


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  7. h00fzilla


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    I think the Guardian also published an incorrect story on the Knox verdict, citing her as guilty. The same thing - they had prepared an alternative just in case and published in error.

    I don't think they went as far in making stuff up as the Daily Mail though (who, if I recall, had invented quotes from the prosecution and speculated on the reaction of her family in the gallery, etc.).
  8. D.P.


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    Shock as the Daily Fail makes up more trash.
  9. King Damager


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    Personally, the most interesting true fact in that article (found it out when watching the BBC documentary on him the other day), is the fact that this year he is only eating meat he's killed himself...

  10. markweatherill


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    Hold on, the target audience of the Daily Mail is reactionaries who desire to be maintained in a state of apoplectic outrage.
    True or untrue, it doesn't matter, the purpose is not to inform but to incite.

    To avoid confusion I propose a disclaimer, something like 'any resemblance to actual persons or places, living or dead, is unintentional and should not be inferred'. This should be compulsory for newspapers that can be proved to have less than 90% truth in their content.
  11. Alpherah


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