Dear Mr Gibbo - x570X Mini ITX/DTX

5 Feb 2008
Hi Guys, i'm waiting for the ASUS really for one reason, the most USB on the back, i have this list of devices:

Keyboard (usb 2)
Mouse (usb 2)
Xbox wireless (USB 2)
Thrustmaster T500 wheel (USB 2)
Thrustmaster Gear Stick (USB 2)
HE Sprint Pedals (USB 2)
Rift CV1 (USB 3.0 x 3)

so thats 9! usb and i am trying to avoid using a usb hub or the front usb (i have my xbox wl in my current setup)

i also want optical out for my soundbar

the impact appears to have 6 usb 2/3 (7 for i gaming) and one usb c connector, so a hub in the usb c maybe sufficient, i just wish they would put more usb on the back in a mini itx as you cannot mount usb on a plate as there are no spare plates in mini itx cases

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