1. Quartz

    Minisforum BD770i - ITX motherboard with CPU

    Level1Techs seem to like it.
  2. Quartz

    Two tiny RTX 4060 ITX builds

    This guy seems to specialise in super-small ITX builds and he's been having fun with the low power RTX 4060.
  3. Quartz

    Intel 12x00 + DDR4 + ITX - Am I really limited to only Asrock?

    I'm not exactly a fan of Asrock's motherboards, especially their lower-end motherboards. But for an Intel 12400 or 12600 CPU with DDR4 and the ITX form factor they seem to be the only solution. Are there no others?
  4. marcosscriven

    Looking for 2x32GB - partly for VMs, partly for Windows gaming

    I currently have: Corsair 2x16GB 3200 CL16 memory working fine. Ryzen 3900X (might upgrade to 5950X if they ever become available at RRP) Aorus b550 ITX board I'm running Proxmox with a Windows gaming VM, but finding myself wanting to add more VMs. As I'd like to keep my ITX board, can...
  5. kakarott

    Asetek 645LT

    Anyone using this aio? Wanted to get this for potentially the NR200P.
  6. softwaresimian

    Mini ITX Recommendataion for Ryzen 5900x

    Looking in the CPU channel I'm reading a lot of people having issues with Ryzen 5000 series CPU stability, temperature, constant BIOS updates etc I'm looking for a recommendation for a Mini ITX board to go with a 5900x. My selection criteria are: Stability Support for two M.2 slots (PCIe 4...
  7. benparker

    New ITX Case - SSUPD Meshilicious

    Ali is praising this case, what do you guys think? Better than the NR200?
  8. benparker

    ITX Motherboard

    Ok so it seems the Asus B550i might be the best b550i board, what would be the next best? This is for a NR200 case (currently have 5800x but may go for 5600x)
  9. benparker

    Lian Li TU150

    I'm after an itx that has a tempered glass and usb type c port at the front. This case seems to tick the boxes. Any reason I shouldn't get it or is there a better alternative?
  10. iesvsmeamat

    B550I Aorus Pro AX working with 2400G CPU

    So I bought this motherboard without knowing that it wasn't backwards compatible like X570, but somehow it works anyway. Screenshot: It is not totally stable; second HDMI port doesn't work, and first one only works with a TV. Ethernet doesn't work, WiFi is fine. Idk...
  11. FleekoPing

    MotherBoard Choice - New Build

    Hello Everyone :) “Context” : Ive just recently gotten myself back into the swing of building PCs again and jumped straight for the deep end of sff PCs and ITX builds for the fun and challenges. Im also planning to custom loop this build as it would be my main PC for myself ranging from gaming...
  12. Stuff

    RAM Compatibility with B550 Board - Speeds/Timings Looking at grabbing this board in the near future, but it's been 10+ years since I've bought RAM..! My thought process involves looking at the RAM speed categories and picking the...
  13. Quartz

    Powercolor 5600 XT ITX - frying tonight

    Fortunately it's fixable with a manual fan curve.
  14. YugantG

    GPU clearance NZXT H210

    Hello, I'm planning to build an ITX system because I need something small which does not take a lot of space in my room. I've decided to build it in NZXT H210. I was wondering which non reference Nvidia RTX 2080 or AMD 5700xt GPU will fit in this case with AIO NZXT Kraken Z63 mounted in the...
  15. marcosscriven

    What non x570 AM4 ITX board with bifurcation + VRMs for 3900X?

    I currently have an MSI b450 Gaming Plus ITX, which apparently has VRMs good enough for the 3900X. However, I also want bifurcation, which this board doesn't officially support. Oddly though the latest BIOSes do contain the x8+x8 option - but maybe it's a mistake as it doesn't seem to work. My...
  16. TroyMclure

    Dear Mr Gibbo - x570X Mini ITX/DTX

    Hi There, Do you have known release dates/Guesses for these ASUS boards?: ROG Strix X570-I Gaming ROG Crosshair VIII Impact Thanks Simon
  17. softwaresimian

    B450 with 64GB on ITX

    Since 32GB DIMM's are now available at fairly reasonable prices, does anyone know if it is possible to use 64GB with an ITX / B450 / Ryzen 3000 configuration ?
  18. Liamb2005

    ITX Build that will fit my palit super clocked 1080 gtx

    I'd really appreciate some advice or ideally even to spec me a build a new pc I want it build. Initially I would prefer to have a compact itx case that would fit in my current palit 1080 Gtx super jet stream card. As well as this I'd like a 8700k and ideally a water cpu cooler that would...
  19. Technics

    DDR4 16gb @ 3600Mhz or 32gb @ 3000Mhz

    I am looking to build a fresh ITX build over the next few months and wanted some advice on which of the above would be the better option as they both have similar costs? With the ITX boards only having two DIMM slots it will be set and forget as i do not intend to upgrade before a complete...
  20. dlresponse

    Best reasonable cost ITX motherboard for ryzen 3 2200g

    I don't need a top end board but a good solid one with decent functionality.
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