Death of an ipod...

7 Mar 2005
The Voice Of Football
My ipod of three years finally gave up the ghost today but I am convinced I can bring it back to life. Its a 3rd gen one with dock and scroll, not click, wheel.

It was playing then all of a sudden froze, rebooted itself and all the music had vanished. I brought it home, connected it to the PC and it didn't launch itunes. After a while I got a BSOD.

So, reinstalled itunes and tried again. Same thing....BSOD

This time i put the ipod in disc mode and ran a proprietary app (anapod reinitializer) which identified my ipod and could read that there was 20gb but could not reset or reformat it.

I then tried running the diagnostic mode on the ipod itself and it doesnt complete the hdd scan.

Im hoping someone knows of an app that will reformat my ipod or at least let me know once and for all if it is beyond repair.

Thanks in advance
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