Dlink - Virgin Media

23 Apr 2006
Hi there,

I recently got a D-Link DIR-615 from Virgin Media. IVe set it all up, can connect to the internet fine etc, but here comes the weird part.. I can no longer connect to msn messenger. Ive even tried forwarding the ports for it, but doesnt seem to help.

Now this all worked fine with my Netgear WNR2000 which ive just unplugged to test this virgin media one. So I know its nothing to do with the windows firewall. Just wondering if anyone else has had any other problems like this. :)

-Edit- Nevermind, fixed it! Seemed I had to set the time on the router too, in order for it to connect via the PC. Thats a new one for me; I knew you had to do this on the Pc, but not the router too! haha.
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