Do I NEED a Coolermaster PWM hub or plug into Motherboard?

2 Jan 2021
Hi folks. Please excuse what is probably (To you guys anyway) a fairly basic question..

I’ve just built a decent system on an ASUS Crosshair Hero VIII Wi-fi motherboard. It’s all in a Fractal Design Meshify S2 case.

The case came with 3 case fans (Non RGB) and a fan controller fitted on delivery. I currently have those 3 fans plugged into the case fan controller. That is connected to a 1x4 pin fan header on the motherboard.

I also fitted a Cooler Master ML310 CPU cooler which came with a PWM hub. This is SATA powered. This hub seems to do everything as it appears to be a fan controller as well as having 3 pin addressable ARGB control ports for the radiator fans. I have the CPU cooler and rad fans plugged into two of the ARGB ports on the PWM hub. Nothing else connected to this.

Everything is working fine at the moment but I can’t think helping it’s probably not an elegant wiring solution.

The question is do I need either of these hubs? Would I be better running fan splitter cables off one of the motherboard ARGB hubs for the rad fans, and just standard splitters off of a fan header for the case fans? And how many fans can each header take?

Or is there any advantage to plugging everything into the PWM hub? I would just need some extender cables to do this.
23 Jan 2021
I think the hub is there to just help keep everything a bit more neat. So instead of having multiple cables connecting to the motherboard you only have one and everything else is hidden behind
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