Do you bother to report bugs?

1 Nov 2004
Ignored, stonewalled, wontfix, it's a feature not a bug, and blaming the end user i wondered if anyone bothers wasting their time reporting bugs?
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3 Sep 2015
Well it depends... either how likely you think the suggestion will get received (varies). Or how much you actually need and require a specific bug to end up getting fixed (again, highly variable).

However lets say I don't think my bug report will make any much difference to the outcomes. However it's something that has already been reported by somebody else. Well then at least I can subscribe to notifications (on that bug). Which otherwise isn't possible had 0 users raised the bug before me. So there is still a sort-of value.

And if can easily check whether that specific bug still hasn't gotten fixed yet. It then lets me know how to do other stuff. Such as either not needing to update yet the software. Or not be disappointed from the next update(s). Or it tells me to try harder looking elsewhere for alternative software. Or consider some other types of workarounds.

So while not every single one of those individual tactics might be useful to you. At least there is some more broader things around possible. Of some ancilliary value. And generally in better interactions around those bug reporting. For example the way a bug report is framed - instead of being some hard expectation(s) to fix something. It could instead become some more open question(s) to try to tease out how likely the thing is going to get worked upon. Or what sorts of other work associated to it.
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