Double Monitor Problem

20 Jan 2004
Hi guys

Currently got a VX912 19" TFT and a Dell 2407 24" TFT on my desk.

I use the 19" for gaming and it's on the right and the 24" dell on the left for movies etc.

I recently changed from ATI to Nvidia gfx card and I used to have the ATI control panel as well as ultramon. I now have NView and Ultramon but I cannot find any settings to change which side of the screen i can slide off to get to the other screen.

It was an option within the ATI software but I cannot find it within the Nvidia or Ultramon, and as my Dell is on the left - I have to slide my mouse off the right of my 19" to get onto the Dell which is annoying as hell.

Anyone know how to do this?

Thanks :)
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