Dragon Ball FighterZ

20 Mar 2004
Just seen that this has a big discount on steam at the moment.

How is this game for a newbie?
I love fighting games but lack the skill, last 1 I was 1/2 way decent at was Soul Calibre.

£12 for the FighterZ edition seems like an absoluite steal, but I'm not sure if I want to spend £12 just to break my controller.
8 Sep 2012
It's a very fun game IMO but I didn't get into it properly because of Tekken. I learned manual combos and stuff like that and then just left it. When I got back after a few months for a quick bash, I got comboed to death my first fight but obviosuly not every match is like that, depends on who you run into:p

TBH, it is quite newbie friendly because you have auto combos, tutorials etc. The problem is, people have been playing it for a good while and there are less newbies around. I still think it's worh a punt, though, and there's usually an influx of new players during sales.

It's a classic 2d fighter so combo heavy, with some different mechanics compared to e.g. Tekken or VF, for example you crouch block by default to block lows and mids and stand up to block overheads (mostly reactable), there are crossups and stuff like that.

Maybe watch some basic tutorials on YT to get to know the mechanics a bit, it'll help you decide if it's for you:)
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