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DSL - Linux USB Key Install Mini How-Too

Discussion in 'LOS Archive' started by KE1HA, Jun 16, 2005.

  1. KE1HA


    Joined: Jul 3, 2004

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    DSL Linux Mini USB Key Installation How Too:

    All -

    I've modified the Mini How-Too and created a PDF which has the screen shots I used for the installation < all via VNC >. I will post the txt version here when I've got it properly formated. In the meantime, you can download the PDF version which is about 1.5MB seperately from the distrubution file.

    1 - Base System Requirments
    2 - Getting Your Software & Burning The Boot Image
    3 - Preparing the USB Key for O.S Installation
    4 - Installing The O/S to the USB Key

    5 - Post Installation Testing and Custom Configuration
    6 - Folding @ Home Setup
    7 - BOINC Setup
    8 - Tips & Tricks for Using Damn Small Linux


    DSL USB Key Mini How-Too.pdf

    The Entire Package, Including the The LiveCD Boot Image, The PDF instructions, and a Free ISO Burning Utility can be downloaded from here:

    This is a bz2 file.
    Linux Decpmpress = tar -xjf dsl-usbkey-mini-how-too.bz2
    Windows Decompress: Use WinZip or WinRAR.

    DSL USB Key Package < 52.5MB >


    1 - cdrecord -scanbus
    2 - fstab results
    3 - mtab results
    4 - lsmod results
    5 - lspci results
    6 - fdisk - original partition table
    7 - fdisk - options menu
    8 - fdisk - after re-partition
    9 - O/S Install - Start
    10 - O/S Install - Sucessfull Instalaltion


    Installed Applications

    Multi-Media & F@H Running

    DSL Control Panel & Extentions GUI's

    Full Debian Package Installer / De-Installer

    Will be adding lots of links here as well.

    Stay Tuned !!!
  2. rich99million


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    Excellent work mister KE1HA sir - when i have the money to build a proper farm i'll certainly be checking this method out :)

    Maybe this can be stickied - the spare parts sticky seems to have died a death :(
    Though i guess that could be due to people setting up their own small farms with their spares :)
  3. dunc


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    Fantastic work Mr KE1HA Sah :cool:

    I will be trying this out as soon as I get Stateside :)


  4. KE1HA


    Joined: Jul 3, 2004

    Posts: 866

    Location: Helena, Montana

    Update 18-JUNE-2005:

    New install instructions < lots of updates > with VNC captures in a PDF file.