E4400 OC'ing results

24 Oct 2005
Just spent the day fiddling with my week old E4400.

It's funny with these chips, but this is the 3rd one I've had now that wouldn't overclock much before it was a few days old and needed a bit of time in the PC before it would start overclocking.

Anyway, I'm at 3.34Ghz now, 8hr orthos stable.

The best thing is I've achieved this with 1.3125v in the bios.

One thing I did do though was the v-droop pencil mod, very easy to do and really does work! 1.304 after v-droop.

It's 'Windows stable' at 3.7Ghz, but fails Orthos after about an hour, even with voltage at 1.5v. So, this is where I'm leaving it at the moment, and maybe as far as it will go realistically.

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