E6600-based Spec Opinions Please

28 Jun 2005
Time for me to upgrade from my P4 3.0 Ghz which has served me so well. I've settled on an E6600, but am a bit stuck on the rest. The rig will be used for gaming and music production, and am after a mobo that can handle 2 x Raptors in Raid 0, and 2 x 500gb in Raid 1. I'm still not sure about the graphics card, but I'm not going for going for Crossfire or SLI with this rig. I've got about £1000 for this, but don't need a monitor or soundcard. Would like a sexy case too. :) I won't be overclocking it, and would like something quiet, without watercooling it. Your opinions would be gratefully received.
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