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Enough Video memory?

3 Oct 2006
Hello, this is partly a monitor question too but I thought it would be better in graphics, since its mostly about video memory.

I'm thinking of buying a new monitor, one that runs at 1920x1200 (the Benq FP241W actually). At the moment I use a dual monitor set up with a 1280x1024 and 1152x864 together, so I would change to using 1920x1200 and 1280x1024 at the same time. This sounds like an awful lot of pixels to be processed by the graphics card...

I hear that the higher resolution you run your system at, the more graphics card memory you need to cope with it. So my question is: Is 512mb graphics ram enough? To be precise the card is a x1900xtx - 512mb.

I noticed theres a 1GB version of the hd 2900 xt and I do intend to upgrade to DX10 at some point, however this card is very expensive at the moment so I would rather wait for a few months at least if possible. If my current card is not upto it I think I will just leave it and not get either as I can't afford both at this moment.

Thanks in advance :)
19 Jun 2007
Well the kinda rule of thumb was on 256bit the 256MB cards were ok upto 1600x1200, and after than you need 512MB, now I know it depends on cards model and if its a GTS or GTX etc and other eye candy settings but now cards have 384bit and 512bit interfaces, and 384MB-1GiG of ram.

I aint sure if 512MB is ideal for that res you mention at full eyecandy, because things aint as simple now with 384bit and 512bit interfaces its all gone weird at Nvidia with 320/640/768MB amounts of ram.
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