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Entry level GeForce 400 series graphics card

2 Sep 2011
go fo a 460 btw not sure on this but the nvidia 3d vision surround i belive requires 2 gfx cards in sli to enable this but i might be wrong ither way cant go wrong with a 460 and will play games no problem
19 Aug 2011
Leicester, UK
Wish you'd made this earlier, not long put my 40 up on ebay. still got 6ish days left on it if he wants to take a look. Looks for the MSI 1GB listed under badboyshadow. only had it since June, but upgraded to a 580 for bf3 and beyond as u can see.
18 Oct 2002
I'm sure that's wrong. That would be a ridiculous requirement.

Nvidia cards do need 2 cards to do surround, IE 3 screens, but not 3d, different things and depends what you want.

Keep in mind 3d will kill your framerate, and for a 1920x1080 setup, I'd assume that 3d is essentially unworkable, though maybe not on really old games, saying that most people don't play things like CS;S in 3d, people tend to ditch it for online FPS's because of the lowered framerate and the increase in ghosting you generally get from 3d.

In terms of surround, you would need two cards, and one 460gtx alone would again struggle with 3 high res screens, but not in stupidly old games, most things out for a couple years now though so 1 card wouldn't matter too much.

I really haven't got into the "3d" thing as theres so many downsides at the moment, but basically its something you'd really want to do with a very high end gpu to keep framerates as high as possible.