Errors during bootup?

17 Mar 2004
Hi all.

Got a problem with my PC and it's happening more and more often.

During bootup after the BIOS loads, I get an error message along the lines of "boot failure, please try again" or "insert boot device". Today I got one saying there was an error in Windows.

If you turn it off, wiggle the HDD wires and restart it boots up into XP fine.

It's a Samsung SATA 250GB drive and it's showing 90% fitness/performance on the Speedfan tool. However i've got it connected via an IDE>SATA converter as I had big problems getting the SATA to work.

Could this be causing the problem? It's always worked though in the past. These error messages don't really bother me, it's just that they are becoming more frequent and I am worried I am going to turn my machine on one morning and it won't boot at all, leaving me with all my data lost.

Any ideas?

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