Ethereal port problem & Exra range?

15 Nov 2008
Scotland / Blairgowrie
Iv heard that you can get cards to go in your PCI slots what can give better ethereal ports than the ones you get on your motherboard. I have a MSA GD65. I have one of the ports in use with router i got with sky. works fine. But it keeps disconnecting all the time. It didnt do this with my older pc. Iv tried both ports but same problem. As i said at the start is there any kind of card which gives you extra ethereal ports?? i wanna try some otherway. Or can you think of a better option or solution on how to fix this?

Also, my next door neighbour needs some internet but doesnt want to pay full price. Its quite expensive here. So weve decided on allowing them to use our wireless aslong as they pay every month of course.There is only 1 point in there house where they can use the wireless. What do you sugest i do to get more signal to there house? a wireless pickup point so it can give it more range? Iv asked sky if this is allowed and it is. so no need to worry about fraud or w/e its been checked over :)
2 Aug 2009
you could try a wireless N router for the neighbour issue, they have much better signal range and that :)

What operating system are you using?

It seems weird that both ports have died, its not a particular common issue, have you checked the cable you are using? it might have become damaged in changing your pc ( highly unlikely ) but still, worth a look, i think you mean Ethernet ports as well, ethereal is actually a network analysing program. you can pick these cards up fairly cheap now,

Another thought, have you checked the drivers for the connections, it might be worth uninstalling and reinstalling them if you havent already. If you need extra guidance just say :)

hope this helps
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