EVGA GTX 980Ti SC alternative cooler recommendations

7 Apr 2009
Greenock, Scotland
Morning all. Just picked up one of these from the market. Haven't actually received it yet but Im looking at naybe replacing the cooler "if" it runs too toasty with an OC. Are there any decent cooling solutions available. I wouldnt mind going the AIO route if it was beneficial. Thanks
16 Jul 2012
Is there a reason why? You'd almost certainly be better spending the money (£30 for the aio bracket and £60-120 for the 240mm+ AIO) on a newer card.
Even the best water cooled overclock won't get you more than say 10% more performance.

980ti is still a good card. But its beaten by the 1070 & 2060 so I wouldn't spend too much money on it.

Though if its less performance, and more for the hobby, enjoyment of modding then go right ahead sir! I used to run a NZXT G10 aio bracket with a standard aio and it was good fun for sure :)
Just don't think I'd do it again. Minimal performance gains (couple %) for over £100. It would have been better to buy the card/cpu up.
1 Jul 2011
Not sure which one you have. Googled your thread title one and get several different ones.

If it's cooler fin-pack/s are flat and 90mm, 100mm, 120mm wide you could remove stock shround and fans and replace with some 120mm fans. I've done this several times with not only much better cooling but much less noise too.
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