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10 Apr 2004
Right, this is the thread where we will discuss the idea, and add new ideas, etc. You know the idea :p

Here we go then :D

Results Page
  • CPU Type
  • CPU Core
  • CPU Speed
  • Memory Setup
  • Memory Speed
  • Memory Size
  • Memory Timings
  • System
  • Client Number (How many clients at a time it runs)
  • Min. Time / Frame
  • Ave. Time / Frame
  • PPD

Here is a basic idea of what it will look like:

Color Scheme etc will be decided later, lets get the layout done first eh? :)

Blue *** tho ;)

Submission Page
1st stage: Upload benchmark.dat file (PHP Parses the file)

2nd Stange: http://www.thunder-keep.co.uk/fahstats/test/fahbenchsubmit2.html

3rd Stage: http://www.thunder-keep.co.uk/fahstats/test/fahbenchsubmit3.html
(I've selected X2_1 and filled it out as I would do - apart from text boxes)

4th Stage: "Is this info all correct..."

Then Submit! The script should make sure it UPDATES that users entry for that PC and Workunit, not add it again. (Unless specs havent changed)

Users will need to login, this will enable them to edit/delete results if they need to. They should also be allowed to enter all there PC data into a saved file so they dont have to keep adding it.

Maybe a CPU-Z file parser?

Add any ideas/thoughts below!

10 Apr 2004
KE1HA said:
Hi Concorde ... Looks good to me for a start ... I'd only add one or two things ..

Client ID:
User Name:

Other than that, looks to be a good start. I've asked the SW Eng's if theey've had a chance to look at the base64 encoding business yet, haven't gotten back to me, but when they do .. will let you know.

Where!?! What page?? :)
10 Apr 2004
Mattus said:
Looks good.

Something I mentioned last time... which versions of FAHMon are you catering for? I believe that the benchmarks.dat file created by v1 is not in the same format as that created by v2.

A CPU-Z file parser should be easy enough since the text output of CPU-Z is not at all complicated.

We will cater for both, we will get V2 working first, as we have the data for it :)
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